33rd Judicial Circuit of Missouri

Juvenile Court Scott & Mississippi Counties

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a division of the Circuit Court that deals with children under the age of eighteen. Our division is designed to provide protection, treatment and rehabilitation.  Children are not treated as criminals, but as persons needing care, education, protection and guidance. (see Chapter 211, RSMo.)

The Juvenile Office handles three types of cases: Status Offenses, Delinquency and Child Abuse & Neglect.

Status Offenses are offenses that are only offenses due to a person’s age. Examples of these offenses are: Runaway, Truancy, Beyond Parental Control and Behavior Injurious to Self or Others.

Delinquency offenses are violations of the criminal code of Missouri which are the same for adults. Examples of these offenses are: violent offenses, property offenses, drug offenses, sexual offenses, offenses against public order, etc.

Child Abuse & Neglect are offenses committed by a parent, guardian or custodian against their child. These offenses include the following: Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Neglect Improper Care & Supervision, Educational Neglect and Neglect – a child otherwise without proper care and custody. 

We wear many hats including but not limited too the following:

Probation Officer
Protector of rights
Court Officer

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